How to secure online money transactions

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Thought of having an eCommerce website? Here’s are some tips on How to secure online money transactions for your users.

There has surely been a massive growth in Internet usage globally in last few years. When everyone is getting indulged in Online activities, there are people who want to take full advantage of it, as a result, a lot of eCommerce websites are coming up these days. Setting up an eCommerce website is not a difficult task because of thousands of scripts which are available in the market, just a click and your eCommerce website is live.

Once your eCommerce website is live, then the actual work starts. Works like Payment Gateway integration and marketing are the most hectic tasks one has to do in order to make a perfect eCommerce website.

A big headache which always remains there for any online entrepreneur, is having a safe and secure payment gateway so that users can be convinced to pay online using the payment gateway you have installed. In this post, I will be covering some of the ways and writing some tips to secure online money transactions on your website. Below are some tips using which you can secure the payment gateway to make secure online transactions.

Ask your users to register before they can pay

This step can stop over 80% if the scam in the online payment. Whenever anyone goes to the payment page, he/she should be asked to register or login. The registration process should require an email confirmation. This will make sure that only genuine users will be prompted to the payment page.

Encrypt the data saved in your database

If any users prefers to save his/her payment details for the future transactions, then it will be better for you if you have a script which encrypts the data saved in the database. This is an extra layer of security. Even if your website gets hacked, then there will not be any harm to the personal information of your users.

Use Virtual Keyboard on the payment page

There are many bots sometimes which try to make some fake transactions. To overcome that, have a virtual keyboard and make it necessary for your users to enter password using that virtual keyboard. This also prevents your users from becoming victim of phishing because there is no keyboard input when a user is entering the password.

Integrate two factor authentication

Two factor authentication mainly includes an extra layer of security after a user has entered the password. This integrated method sends an SMS to the user’s mobile with a unique code and user has to write that code before the transaction is complete. This makes it more secure and stops any kind of scam or insecurity related to the personal information of your users.

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4 Comments to How to secure online money transactions

  1. That is good advice, and it is always good to be reminded of all the different fraudulent ways people have of stealing your money.

    I have known more than one person who fell for this type of scheme, and it was a big hassle trying to get their money back.

    When I purchase something on the internet, and need to send money online, I will always use a service like Paypal if it is available.

    Since my credit card information is never revealed, I feel much safer about completing online transactions this way.

    I have also transferred money from my bank account to help out my kids from time to time this way. Although it usually takes 2-3 days, it is very easy to do, and easy to track if you need to.

  2. Thanks
    Its an Nice article. NOt only nice but most informatic as each n every people is using today the inline payment so they should know the ways to get secure….

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