Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) : review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is becoming the replacement of computers that facilitates all the  features of computers which are not available in the present mobile with decent amount of display space. Several tabs can be opened just you do it in your computer while browsing where as in iPads and tablets you can open only one tab at a time and with Windows 8 you can work with two tabs.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 offers you the feature of multitasking with advanced apps as you can run the apps side by side such as Facebook on one side and YouTube on the other side. The screen can also be changed based on the space occupied by each app. But you can’t open a window on top left side as you can in a PC. The display is 10.1 inch diagonally and starts at a price of $550 in the U.S. market.

In addition, Multi-Window isn’t a universal feature. Apps for Netflix and Hulu won’t work, for instance. At present there are above 18 apps including Facebook and a variety of Google and Samsung apps. So, Samsung Co. has supplemented Multi-Window with Pen Window.


You will be provided with a stylus where you can simply draw a box on the screen and choose one of seven apps to open in a new window. Each Pen Window app appears in a window that is under your main app. You can move that window around on your screen and resize it,  just as you can on PCs. And when you want to exit from it just minimize it into a small dot and move it out of the way.Pen Window on the tablet works with YouTube, the calculator, the alarm clock, your contacts list, the Web browser and two chat apps – Samsung’s ChatOn and Google’s Hangouts. You open all these in one short and keep them minimized and if you need a calculator in between you open it on just one click and when you’re with it you just tap on it. The iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows 8.1 doesn’t do that. If you want to resize you have to go to desktop.

Besides multitasking, this new Note  provides you My Magazine mode used to personalized the highlights, like based on your location news topics of interest, content from your social media feeds and suggestions on things to do and see. Also gives you quick access to the tools you can achieve with stylus. One more feature lets you to add notes to what you see. Another lets you clip a section of a Web page and store it with a Web link.


Samsung Galaxy Note’s rear is made of plastic but gives the feel of leather-an improvement over Samsung devices. It is heavy weighing 1.2 pounds but lighter than 1.4 pounds of full size iPad.

But text recognization is poor. for example, when you write “o” or “l” with the stylus it gets confused with numbers “0” or “1”. Than the necessary set up Pen command is difficult. If you need an app you have o draw a box with stylus and again if you need other. It is recommended to have a button on the homescreen rather than to tap on the screen with your finger or stylus.

Google’s chat app is reduced to a circular icon. It could be much more better if it had colors or flash to notify new message rather than opening and seeing every time.

Another complaint is that though it uses the latest version of Android 4.3, multiple people cannot share a device with separate profile.

This the overview about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014). For further info contact us via commenting our blog.

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