How to Disable Windows 8.1’s Touch Keyboard

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Every one is aware of touch keyboard in Windows 8.1 like in Surface 2 as it has on-screen touch facility. But many of them will be used to the physical keyboard or a wireless physical keyboard, in such cases when you want to use physical keyboard you can disable the touch keyboard by disabling the on-screen version.


First you have to hide the Toolbar from taskbar. By this button you can get keyboard into action but if you no need this then you can neglect this shortcut.

Give a right click on the empty taskbar and select Toolbars if the touch keyboard option is not clicked and if it is ticked then select it. Still you’ll find the keyboard flashing on the screen when you drag your cursor to the entry field.


To prevent this go to Run either from Start or by pressing Windows Key + R and type services.msc in the dialog box and click on Enter to get Services console.


You will be directed to a window, scroll down to find Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service. When you find it give a double click on it and select Manual option in the Startup type drop menu. And then click on Stop to terminate the service  and then click OK. Then you’ll find your touch keyboard id disabled.


If you want it back at any time you can just  follow the reverse of the above steps and you’ll find it back.

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