Camtasia Studio : Creates Animated GIF from videos and Images

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Camtasia Studio is video recorder that is more powerful with so many in built features and simple user interference. You can record video tutorials and many more. With this you can also create animated GIFs in a very simpler way. This is a powerful video recorder that serves you to create animated GIFs. In this post you will see how to create animated GIF from the videos or images using Camtasia Studio.


You have get the link for it and the free version is available for 30 days. You can use this link:-> official link for Camtasia Studio.

Here are the steps how to create GIF:

  • After yo have installed it, click on it to open. You have to import the video to create animated GIF. Import it by selecting on Import media.
  • It you want to create it with the video recorded through Camtasia Studio then click on Record the screen and start recording the video on your desktop.
  • After recording, edit the video of your choice and select Produce and Share. Then you will get a Production Wizard pop up window.

porduce and share

  • Here select custom production settings and then click on Next.


  • In this window you will find all the file formats and you can choose a format of your choice but here we need to create GIF, so lets choose GIF and then click on Next.


  • And finally keep selecting Next buttons in all the windows that appear and finally you will be done with the creation of animated GIF.

Camtasia Studio helps you to create animated GIFs very easily and in a sipler method but this is a huge software that requires more space.

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