Create your own Navigation of 360 degree Street Views with Google Maps

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Google recently introduced the feature for the people around to tackle their Android mobile to navigate their own experiences of Vtreet view. they can add their own navigation of 360 degrees street views in the panoramic view with Android phone or DSLR camera.


You Google has already shared the photo sphere and now the Vtreet view. The difference between both is photo sphere is root to you while Street View offers you to move around and navigate locations on maps. To capture nearby scenic views at various times or to capture a vacation in exotic or to reach a place you, this is helpful and also you can add many panoramic images to it.

First you have to upload few photos to Views to Google’s online community for 360 degree images. Then you can use online tool to select photo spheres you want to connect. Google automatically adds the photo spheres in to the map with the locations based on images but you should be sure whether the photo spheres are of right places.


As with Google’s other user-generated images on Google Maps, photo spheres constellations appear to be supplement and will not replace Street View images taken by employees and others who work directly with Google.

Users cannot navigate from Street View to nearby user-generated constellation. Also you can share a small corner of your world on Google Maps with the Street View experience. For similar posts keep visiting our blog- 1Tutorials.

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