EmoSPARK : Device that Analyses your Emotions and Interacts with you

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You are here an interesting and impressive fact that an object understands your feelings and emotions and respond to you and your activities. This object captures your emotions which can feel your feelings similar to a human being like pain and pleasure. This device came from Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence console Emospark. EmoSPARK is a cube that can analyse, feel, understand your emotions and interact with you with emotions.


This EmoSPARK is Android powered WiFi or Bluetooth cube that allows to transfer your feelings or emotions directly to digital form using art AI measurements and technology. These emotions will be captured through facial recognition software is one of the way with this device and there are many. With this it helps the cube profile to store the unique behavior and reactions of a person, by using this it will create a unique Emotional Profile graph for every user.


Working and Features of EmoSPARK:

  • Cube connected to Google, Wikipedia and other free resources is able to answer and project answers in over 39 million topics
  • EmoSPARK is similar to our as it can perceive and process billions of signals and stimuli
  • It learns from you how to interact with it, comments and responses
  • You can also communicate with it using your Smartphone, Tablet, TV, PC
  • It can feel numerous emotions in its emotional spectrum like Joy, Sadness, Trust, Disgust, Fear, Anger, Surprise and Anticipation
  •  This cube will measure your behavior and emotions, then create a profile that makes you happy and comfortable


EmoSPARK is a revolution in human emotion through artificial intelligence. This is the first artificial intelligence home console. EmoSPARK comes in to life this December as the IndieGoGo campaign will begin it in 27 days. The one interested can sign up now as you will get $25 discount when IndieGoGo campaign starts and also info to become one of the 133 members o EmoSPARK association. After this gets released you need not worry to whom you want to share your feelings. This might be helpful to many of you. To sign up for EmoSPARK you can click on the below link:

Sign up for EmoSPARK

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