How to Edit the Date of Your Photos using ExifTool

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Everyone of you visit many places like even abroad , take snapshots or videos of yours with your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc from your digital camera. When you go from country to country the date and time may differ at the time of shot which may be set incorrectly and many feel like to change it.

You can edit them in a simpler way without downloading any apps or premium installations. The image edit softwares that are already in your system i.e. Picasa and iPhoto offers you to edit the date and time of your photos that were imported from the digital camera. Here you can upload your photos and select the one to be edited.

First lets see how to do it in Picasa, go to Tools -> Adjust Date & Time and then edit the new date and time required for your photo. The date and time will be changed in the “Date Picture Taken” field in the EXIF data of your photos. Now in iPhoto you can go as, choose Photos-> Adjust Date & Time to the selected photo and then give the required date and time.

You have other method to edit using ExifTool for such a thing as it is more versatile. But this method is to done by downloading the ExifTool executable and extract the zip file to your desktop and rename exiftool(-k).exe to exiftool.exe.

As Picasa and iPhoto are there to change the date and time this ExifTool can “shift” the data and time related to the photo. Example :-> You can use your ExifTool to shift the time of all your snapshots if your camera was off by 2 .30 hours. The ExifTool syntax is as :

exiftool.exe “-DateTimeOriginal+=Y:M:D h:m:s” filename.jpg

If you want to shift the time by 4 hours 40 minutes the command is as:

exiftool.exe “-DateTimeOriginal+=0:0:0 4:40:0” filename.jpg

You can also shift it negative by 1 day as:

exiftool.exe “-DateTimeOriginal-=0:1:0 0:0:0” filename.jpg


ExifTool can change other meta data like “Date Modified” (ModifyDate) and “Date Created” (CreateDate) fields while others modify only “Date Picture Taken”. The command is as :

exiftool.exe “-AllDates+=Y:M:D h:m:s” filename.jpg

ExifTool is also advantageous as it will have a copy of original photo before modifying. This tool is available free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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