How to safeguard Your Mobiles from Kids Using These 5 Parental Control Apps

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Everyone is getting attracted to Smartphones and Tablets now a days. Even kids wanted them apart from elders. In the past mobiles were the need but now they are becoming entertainment even in case of children for playing games, listening to music or watching movies. As they can’t handle the mobile since it is featured with number of apps and sometimes they even open them or delete them, even they might download something and all without with sense which may lead to issues later. Every time you can’t be with them to guide, considering this you are here with 5 different apps which prevents to cause issues. There are 5 parental control apps namely Kids Place, Kid Read, Kid Mode, Play Pad and Kid’s Shell. Lets see each app individually.


Kids Place

This app helps you to customize your mobile according to the usage of your kids with safe environment. To get this app click the below link to download and then install it in your mobile. After you have installed it you will find a personalized home screen which lets you to customize the apps and other features which avoids the downloading new apps or deleting any existing apps by your kids. This app has got a timer feature that restricts the usage limit and multiple profiles for different kids. It also lets you to place the selective app on the home screen so that the kid can directly open it from there and also if he/she unknowingly or accidentally closes the app, it opens automatically.

Link – Kids Place

Kids Place 1

Kid Read

Kid Read is a simple and nice app where the parents can easily customize their android devices for kids. If you have kids more than one then you can separate profiles for each kid with different score board of different apps which also helps you to choose apps for your kids that gives them entertainment, fun and growth. It means that if the child want to use entertainment app then they should scores certain points on the educational app, so this gives them learning as well as entertainment. This app is also provided with web access where you can change settings inside the app,

You can download and install this app using this link- Kid Read


Kid Mode

Kid Mode app is specially designed for the kids below the age of 8 where they can learn a lot with these games with lots of fun and provides the feature of choosing the games based on the ages of the children where they can also draw, color, read story books and even record. Kids of certain age also has the feature where they can send mails to their family members and you can also see their activities of how much they have used the app for playing games or learning. This app also has the feature of child lock which prevents buying some apps or deleting any texts accidentally. Kid Mode can be installed here.


Play Pad

This is also a very useful app where you can locate and track you child,s phone using GPS. After you get this app installed you can take control of all you kids activities like even calls, messages and limit the usage of certain apps by remotely deleting them using web or even block the device at any time while you can see from your system about their complete review. Download the app here : Play Pad.


Kid’s Shell

Kid’s Shell is also an awesome app for Android Smartphones where you can personalize the settings and set passwords to protect your Tablets or Smartphones from your kids. By installing this app you kid can use only the few apps while they cannot make a call or text anyone. It also help in Kid.s mode by defaultly locking the home button and if they accidentally press anything that bring them to purchase anything, a password will be  required and so it will not proceed further which safeguards you Android phones and Tablets from your kids. Install this app by clicking here : Kid’s Shell


So hope this review helps the parents who want to protect their Android phones or Tablets from their kids. Give a try by install any app and share your comments.

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